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Our Mission


Our Mission is very simple; communicate with our clients well, reflect the client's desires and create great looking designs. We have always been passionate about supplying our clients with exactly what was envisioned when contacting us. We also pride ourselves on our personal service; we won't be distant. Should you have a problem we will be with you as soon as possible, in person or over the phone, depending on your personal preference. We offer the same amount of expertise as the greatest in the business, however contributing something they don’t: personal touch. It is our aim to make you feel like you know us, rather than appearing as just a person down a phone or a web browser, as well as  thriving on displaying individual qualities tailored to each diverse project.

ThirtyEight Co.


Founded in 2014, ThirtyEight Co. simply began as a Graphic Design Company who designed local magazines in Derbyshire, England. We have since then progressed into a successful business with a substantial loyal client-base, offering a wide variety of services …..

Declan Harrop


Hi, my name is Declan! I am a currently based in Orlando, Florida, with my usual base in Derbyshire, U.K. I knew what I liked doing going through school, but never knew how I could turn that into a career. It wasn’t until I left college in 2014, that I eventually knew what career path I wanted to choose. My dream was to finally do something I was passionate about, something that made me want to get out of bed every rainy, British Monday morning. I just love being able to create things, whether it’s simply designing an advert, a logo, or even a fully-blown website, the design possibilities are endless with the advancement of more and more impressive technologies. I am always learning new ways to create! Every visual design I produce has an extremely conscious thought process behind it. Rather than creating one conventional design after another to ensure the job gets done, I make it my goal to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


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