About Us

Our Mission

At ThirtyEightCo, it is extremely important to us to offer the same amount of knowledge and expertise as global companies, without the extortionate prices and lack of personal touch. Our mission is very simple. We want to create the picture in the client’s mind that they come to us with, with an exceptional amount of care and understanding of the project. We tailor every aspect of our work to each different client’s requirements, offering individual qualities for each project we take on.

We hugely pride ourselves on personal service and are always just a phone call or email away, if not actually available in person. We want you to feel like you know us, rather than being just a voice down the phone or a person on an email.

ThirtyEight Co

Founded in 2014, ThirtyEight Co. simply began as a graphic design company who designed local magazines in Derbyshire, England. We have since progressed into a successful business with a substantial client-base, offering a wide variety of services to suit the majority of your web based needs. We find solutions for problems, offering expert services, including but not limited to, web development, UX design (user experience design), UI design (user interface design), business branding (including graphic design) and more. We take on a lot of projects that don't fit directly into one of these categories, so if you have anything else you would like us to take a look at please don't hesitate to contact us.

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