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0Zero Bonsai

Web Development

"We can’t thank 38co enough for all of their help and patience in getting our business set up online and helping us join the 21st century! The new business deal is very reasonable and from day 1, they made everything easy for us to understand. Would recommend."

The Goals

0Zero are one of our clients who took advantage of our new business offer. Their enthusiastic team approached us with a clear goal in mind; to create a functional, clean and easy-to-use website that would compliment their already thriving business and increase custom.

0Zero wanted to clearly advertise their trees and build a large catalogue for their clients to view with ease. Another one of their main requests was to create a system that would easily enable them to add new trees to the website without a lot of extra, complicated work.

All Trees page on 0Zero.me

The Finished Product

As part of our package, along with their website we created a logo, domain and business email address. We also helped set up their Instagram account, enabling them to reach even more clients and showcase their work on another platform.

Contact page on 0Zero.me and Logo

We created a sleek, yet informative, website for 0Zero that clearly showcases their products and services offered. We made it easy for them to edit, adding trees, information and blog posts whenever they need to. They have continued with our services after their 1 year new business deal ended and we look forward to helping them grow as a business even further.

0Zero.me Home page

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